Month: March 2018

Traveling With A Dog – The Best Tips You Can Get

Having a dog is a beautiful experience and people who love animals know the true joy of owning a pet. Many of us consider pets as part of our family, and we can’t fathom the idea of leaving our furry friend behind and going on another vacation. But, vacationing with your dog is much more than just taking your car on the road. Dogs require continuous attention and detailed planning. Considering I have two dogs and I often travel with them, here are some useful tips I use every time I bring my dogs with me. Prepare your dog...

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Maddie The Coonhound – Book Review

Maddie The Coonhound has captivated the hearts and imagination of dog lovers around the world. This book follows adventures of a dog called Maddie as it accompanies its owner from Utah to Illinois to Mexico and everywhere in between. In this book, you will find a lot of great pictures, happy memories, and exciting escapades as they travel across the country, sleep in cars and cheap motel. Maddie the Coonhound is a collection of best memories and highlights all Maddie’s cuddly side, but also the poses in unusual places. This book has a sweet touch, and it will interest...

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