My whole life has been one crazy adventure. Ever since I remember, I’ve been loving dogs, they’ve been part of my life, and now they are part of my family. I own two coonhounds who are six years old, and I can’t imagine my day without them. The reason why I started this blog is that I want to show you all adventures we’ve been through and share with you how passionate I am about dogs, and animal in general. In my opinion, owning a pet, gives a purpose to your life. Of course, we all want to have family one day, kids, wife, husband, but, it takes a particular type of commitment and love to have a pet.

crazy adventureEver since I got my dogs, I wanted to show them the world. Even though I live in a crowded neighborhood, I felt that my dogs deserved more attention. Then I soon started to bring them with me every time I went traveling. It took them some time to adjust to long driving hours, away from home and to share different types of accommodation. But, somehow this became our lifestyle. Over the years, we visited all the countries in the U.S., and our next goal is to go overseas.

The traveling got another purpose since I started bringing my dogs with me. They make everything bearable and my adventures more exciting. In my blog, you can find the collection of pictures and places we visited so far. I will share my experiences and show you how to take your dog on vacation with you. Not every dog is fit to long distances, they need some time to prepare, physically and mentally. That’s why I researched this topic, and you can learn from my mistakes.

The first time you bring your pets, you will never again leave them behind. They are excellent companions, and they’ll make your journeys interesting. On my website, you can find useful articles for beginners, that can prepare you for this adventure. I divided everything into stages, so even when you encounter problems, you can quickly fix them.

The dogs and traveling have been my passion for many years now. I want to show you the joy they can bring you, every time you take them with you. Keep in mind that they are also living beings, so don’t neglect their needs to be free and independent.