Having a dog is a beautiful experience and people who love animals know the true joy of owning a pet. Many of us consider pets as part of our family, and we can’t fathom the idea of leaving our furry friend behind and going on another vacation. But, vacationing with your dog is much more than just taking your car on the road. Dogs require continuous attention and detailed planning. Considering I have two dogs and I often travel with them, here are some useful tips I use every time I bring my dogs with me.

Prepare your dog for a trip

Not every dog is set for long car journeys. The last thing you want to find out an hour into your trip that your dog gets sick every time you turn a corner. Some dogs are just not healthy enough to withstand long trips and don’t have the temperament for traveling. So, you shouldn’t force them into something that makes them ill. In this case, before your trip, you can take your dog on short rides and help him adjust to your car and driving style. Keep in mind, the older the dog is, the harder he will handle the journey.

Select the right ride

People who spend hours and day on the road require comfortable and spacious vehicles. These factors should also apply to your dog as well. For smaller dogs, you should choose smaller cars. On the other hand, if you have a larger breed, like Labrador, then you will have to select an appropriate vehicle to match his size. If you want to feel comfortable during your vacation, then your dog must also experience the same joy. Pay attention how you secure your pet because airbags are designed for human but can be fatal for animals.

dogsKeep them safe on the road

Having a loose animal in a car is never a good idea. First all, it can distract your attention, and they can be killed or injured is you make some sudden stops or get into an accident. There are a couple of excellent and harmless ways to secure your dog. One of them is getting a LATCH kid’s car seat anchors. Tying your dog with a leash or using a seat belt can be dangerous for your pets.

Pack their food, medication, and water

When you are traveling with your dog, you want to pack plenty of food for them. Traveling can be stressful for their bodies, so you shouldn’t change their eating habits when you are on the road. Also, make sure to supply them with water because animals are more sensitive than humans.